Earning Through Gambling in Resorts World

Prologue: I was upset last November when I bought my very first PlayStation 4 console and a game called Dark Souls 3 when its controller did not work whereas, I rushed into buying the unit bearing my extreme excitement and I had nothing to do since it’s already my rest day. So I decided to go out to ease that madness.

So I went to Resorts World Manila to Gamble! I played Baccarat, and to those who are not familiar to that it is like a Lucky 9 game where the goal is to get the highest number combining two cards to which 9 is the highest.  The usual bet would win you 1:1 by placing your bet to either Player or Banker. There are side bets like Super Six, Pair, 1-9, etc. But I am less interested to those since there are less chances to win if you bet on that.

Strategy: There are things you need to succeed and last in this game in my honest opinion and these are money to lose, strategy, and patience. Placing your bets in either Player or Banker would let you win (unless it’s a tie) almost 50% of the time! So considering that very big potential, by having the three prerequisites I mentioned 50% you will earn money but at the same time 50% to lose it all.

I bet my P 4,000 initially sitting in the poor men’s area where I gradually released hundreds by hundreds until I realized I lost all the money. It’s an emotionless fight because you would feel alone in this battle unlike if you play on the baccarat table where you’ll be with other people. So I withdraw money from an ATM there worth P 10,000 and en-chipped it to the banker. I started my venture again bearing those ten orange chips (P 1,000 each) by placing my bets this time with minimum P 1,000.

Tactics: We know for sure that there is chance you would win 50% of the time but you can never be sure if you are not an everyday gambler with niche perception of the next win. In my part what I did is I bet together with what most people in the table are betting with and with proper consensus I would feel better that this decision even though is not entirely mine was thought about somehow. There are also some people who list down results and create analysis from it and bet on what they think would win, you can observe if their prediction are true and bet with them! Isn’t that too much of a hack? 😀

One could earn P 5,000 by initially capitalizing at P 10,000 as this was what happened to me. My 10k was almost lost at that time but because for some reason I entered a bet on a pair for P 500 I won 1:11 so I got back to the game lucky me. One way to fully utilize the potential of winning is to become cunning and dauntless, there can never be a fixed probability because the results are random so therefore any other aspects can maneuver your gain. Good luck!

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