Wi-Fi at Sari-sari Stores for Profit

This one good business idea came from my boss from US. We have been working with some projects that provide internet connection for free via Wi-Fi he thought what if these sari-sari stores around the streets could utilize the technology and monetize it? Sounds good.

Concept: Share and make profit with your Wi-Fi connection at home, protruding sari-sari stores.
Technical: MAC address of each device will be registered and kicked depending on balance remaining like in SM malls. Or username/password will be implemented with it being re-loadable.

Market: People who buy or live near the sari-sari stores

Profit: Imagine you have 8 people who bit in and paid you P10, you got 80 pesos for the day times 30 days equals P2400! Considering that Plan 999 is just more than a thousand then factoring the internet monthly bill alone you’ll get 100% profit!

Expansion: PLDT’s fiber connection would cost you P1899 for 20 Mbps which is good but you have to have 20 customers per day to reach the quota. You may also need to get this automated so you don’t have to kick users out manually.

Overall, honestly we don’t use our internet connection everyday 100% of the time. And usually we only utilize 5% traffic for the whole day so why not earn extra money from its idle times? Aside from that while we earn extra income, we make people happy by making them connected. Good luck!

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