3 Signs That You’ll Be Rich

When I was opening my YouTube account, I came across a video that told me things pertaining to 3 signs that I would be rich. That was the caption but oddly it talked about characteristics of rich people and how they think. So later on I will share the link after I talked about the stuff that I think the idea would be applicable to the rest of us:

  1. Speed of implementation – By principle this is true. Though if somebody proposes you a business plan and you don’t have the capital then that would become challenging. Like for example my tennis friend told me about growing mushroom and selling it to market for big profit. If I won’t be having the capital (money, knowledge, place, market) at hand then that speed is nothing, Therefore I think its is a combination of speed and resources 🙂
  2. Take action when you feel uncertain – “Success if measure from the amount of uncertainty that you can comfortably handle” — I think this applies to highly adventurous people who would go to a mountain or forest of uncertainty and then learn from it on the spot about how to go back home safe. Somehow I am not sure how will this apply for low income people like me when all I want for a start is to not lose and to do that somehow I need a level of certainty. Ideally if I can enter the realms of producing light bulbs with no idea on how to make one but I somehow I was able to make one then that would be great, it just varies from personalities and perception I guess.
  3. How much you value your time – This is all about not wasting your time. I wasted a lot of my time on Facebook, YouTube, news and trolls, arguing with people in the social media. I think this is one of the things I would want to eliminate so I can live a life towards becoming rich.

The explanation of the man in the video is a bit surreal maybe because I don’t have the rich mindset yet.. But I would be glad to comeback and watch it again in the future just in case I become rich so I would understand and say oo nga noh?

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