Attending the Learn to Trade Forex Class

Last January 11th I attended the class of Learn to Trade Australia by Greg Secker. It was a fantastic moment that finally I am gonna learn something new, something that would make me rich, something Forex.

In day 1 we had a brief introduction about what is Forex and why we should take advantage of trading with it. We learned that forex is a very big market bigger than stocks that New York Stock Exchange has and every stock market in the world combined. We were thought how Forex exchange and trading works like if you traditionally buy a US dollar for 48 PhP and sell it again after it reaching 50 then there it goes, you have just earned, in this case everything is automated. The usual currency we were taught of were USD, AUD, GBP, EUR, etc., so no we cannot trade Philippine peso for this. Learn to Trade Australia also introduced some of their home brewed strategies in trading, they are using a chart that automates this called SmartCharts.

Day 2 had no frills, we were taught how to use SmartCharts and our first trade has began. One classmate asked, if we were winning then who’s losing? Our instructor answered him, none. The other side of the coin who were we though was losing could sell the low-valued currency at a later time eventually earning some profit from it long-term so all in all it’s a win-win. In the end, there was also a psychology portion where we are being taught on how to manage emotions. According to them Forex trading is 25% strategy and 75% emotion-based. Thus that class for me is boring, but I know we are just being inspired by them so we take this seriously.

And the fun part is aside from the lectures we received there is a higher class called Unlimited Wealth, in there more guidance would be given to make sure that you will be definitely become rich by using more tools like fibonacci blah blah to your advantage. Anyway there is a catch and that is you had to shell out more of your cash but the best part is you will be given a fund to start your cash flow. I was so enticed to the dream of earning 175,000 pesos per month given that only 80% of it will be yours and 20% goes to charity — still very good!

Overall, it was an inspiring event for me. The dream of becoming rich is at my finger tips using just a laptop and some capital money away. I think if I could just get to the Unlimited Wealth program — I’ll become a millionaire in no time. So I think I am gonna work for it, bet of luck to me 🙂

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