Buying a Motorcycle over using Uber or Grab

It’s been a while.. That is how I remembered me riding taxi everyday going to work. The fare costs me like 131 pesos a day or almost 6k a month for back and forth. And that is when I was an IT engineer earning like 30k so therefore the fare costs me 20% of my salary minus the tax so it’s like 25% – 30% in actual which is simply ridiculous!

Today.. I though what if I bought a motorcycle for work which costs me 4k a month + gas + parking but in return I won’t be late, no stress, no walking, and no waiting? Plus I get to have my own vehicle? I thought, it outweighs the former!

Uber (minus Grab 🙂 ) is one the beautiful things that came on Earth but in order to be modest in terms of spending I think buying your own motorcycle would do the bid . Just my honest opinion, peace!

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