Cellphone is the Worst Thing to Buy With Your Christmas Bonus!

It’s Christmas month and even if Christmas is over, some people have not yet spent their bonuses and 13th month pays including Aguinaldo as of now. Sales, promos, discounted goodies are also rampant in malls and online stores today, very tempting as they are posted and advertised everywhere. But the question of the day, would you spend your cash on buying a new phone?

My answer is, you should not. I have a colleague who has bought the new iPhone 7 for a whopping P 40,000 (Glossy black) and I thought that is a bad investment. Well iPhone is good and I wanted one for my self actually but spending that much for an amount that could have provided you a car down payment or capital for an investment makes me feel sick I guess. For all I know after a month his phone would be stripped from its original value by 10% to 20% which is the sad part.

Smartphones has one of the highest depreciation rate.

True enough, just like expensive laptops smartphones specially the flagships loses value at a fast rate. The moment you break the seal and open the box there is an inherent market value decrease instantly. When people are buying phones, there is a great gap between what’s brand new, slightly used and second hand thought the latter two were the same technically. But for phones like Apple it doesn’t get its value depreciated at a stoop, for some reason it cannot be just become very cheap but I am not sure maybe it has something to do with the supply rate.

Anyway, if you had not spent all of your money this December I suggest do not spend it on expensive smartphones. If your existing one is still working and fine I suggest stay with it for the mean time until you get to the point that you’re gonna buy one because you can and not just you want. Happy new year!

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