The Christmas Gift Technique, Merry Christmas!

So you were having a Christmas party in the near future and one thing that makes it happier is the exchange gift. Let’s find out about the Christmas gift technique, Merry Christmas!

Exchange gift is basically exchanging of stuff listed in the wish list that your group has created. Unlike the old times were there are no wish list, the disgusted face are now eliminated. Thanks to Monito/Monita, where something something was invented (something hard and long!) today’s exchange gifts are basically an expected type of gifts one may receive.

I am gonna tell something to take advantage of this opportunity. Well before anything else I would like to tell you that this is not evil, and we all know that a lot of people are very generous during Christmas season. So by right perspective this technique can make us happier except for the fact that we know what we’ll get during exchanges. So here it is:

  1. Check the gift price budget. This is the portion that determines anything that can be presented but with much awareness of the price. Normally if the budget is 500 pesos, you expect your gift to be at that range so in retrospect to eliminate loss, you comply with the price range (if you are like that person, un-generous!).
  2. Look at the participants. Are they rich, poor, so-so. The truth is it doesn’t matter if you are one with the spirit of Christmas. But this perspective determines what quality and generosity you could expect at the the time of presents exchange. It is like a matter or anticipating if your exchange counter part would buy you a Starbucks mug or a simple mug that can be bought from Divisoria.
  3. So here it is the final part, Overprice your expected gift! I know we had a budget of P300 in our work place but in our wish list I wished for a book that costs more like a hundred. Knowing that people are generous during Christmas season I indicated there that I am willing to pay for the excess money spent (but deep inside I was wishing he/she would not 🙂 ) and surprisingly…

I received a Christmas present 5 times over with respect to the excess money from the original budget. My supposed P300 worth of book was given to me at a value of P800! Imagine I have only wished for a paperback but a hard cover came through. Definitely this made my day brighter and my Christmas happier. But then again this is not evil, I just so happened to realized about this after our Christmas party where the presents exchange happened.

Do your part, Merry Christmas!

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