Digital Marketing the New Means to Sell Properties

Last night I attended our monthly meeting with my co-brokers (real estate) and upon my arrival, Megaworld has already presented and accreddited my fellow brokers too. Not that I am uninterested, I am already a broker for Megaworld and selling their estate through my website and Facebook. Anyway, the discussion after that was about Digital Marketing and the rest. But let’s talk about the rest first. Eventhough I was busy eating my favorite Max’s fried chicken (Thanks to our sponsor!) I had been listening to one of our lecturer and speaker of that night talking about changes, like the 36 units that aspiring brokers need to take in order to be a broker but of course prerequisite is a college degree. Then salesperson will be handled by TESDA so people who are not able to go to college can still add selling real estate to their arsenal for earning extra income in distributing our motherland for our fellow men hehe. Last, we talked about the colorum┬áthat are practicing our profession but aren’t licensed. On our table a girl has talked about property management, she said that this course or short course is available in UP with professional certificate. According to her, the lessons are very technical in nature as a lot of stuff are needed to be packed to your brain as if you were an engineer. Our speaker mentioned that there was a practice of hiring property managers here in the Philippines whereas foreign nationals like Koreans are hired for almost half a million salary while our own folks would earn little than that.. And it has to change ­čÖé

Digital Marketing

Part of last night’s discussion was the digital marketing — as the new means of selling goods to the public. I was able to research about that before hand over and over that approximately 80% of buyers would look for house and lot to buy online rather than stalk somewhere, of course by using online resources we can gather all information in one place unlike the traditional thing before. Anyway we were told and I was surprise about new things possible to digital marketing like creating your new chat bot so while you sleep it answers for you, gathering emails from Facebook which I am not so sure how they’re doing it, email blast, chimp mail, and content marketing. Nothing much to learn but all introduction I was entice to learn what are the possibilities of these things to me in the future since I am an I.T. guy that knows how to code websites, and loves to be always online and surf the internet. And the most interesting thing was the sale that sejo (not familiar with brand) was able to make, our speaker said they are able to close sales of 60 million, well I don’t wanna hope like it’s a star that can be reached overnight but I was hoping I can do the same, Kahit 1 million per month lang ok na. Then another tool was presented to me and it was Point2 homes that which can be used to sell your listings, unfortunately it has a bad feedback from our speaker as she is not able to sell by using that tool.

Lamudi, Property24, Zipmatch, and Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram

Suddenly I remembered my promise to my self while I was listening to our speakers. I promised that I will use all tools online to get leads and sell my projects, but since I have invested in Forex and tried to focus on it I forgot it. I realized that in order to obtain Mastery in this field, I gotta have undivided attention and loyalty. Going back to the topic, Lamudi can be used to advertise your properties, same as Property24 and these medium could generate leads because people who search online to find properties use these website. I too had use this tool when I decided that I wanted a house and lot in Batangas (but was cancelled because of Forex trading grrr). The salesperson just advertised his property and I was able to be informed to it and contacted him. Anyway Zipmatch lets you subscribe for projects and when somebody inquire you credit gets deducted by doing so but men that is a lead, buyer! Complementary to this is the use of Facebook for low cost housing to mid, then LinkedIn to high end, and Instagram for added presence. Facebook is undeniably very powerful but LinkedIn? Well I was sourced by HR through LinkedIn (I.T. work), so I think it is somehow powerful.

There is no going back..

I guess I should have used all these Digital Marketing tools and created my chat bots, send email blast etc. So in the end I would not blame my self bakit walang benta? Ginawa ko na ba ang lahat? Well if not, then just do it!

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