Had to be Uncool to be Rich

Not every market has rich and cool people, most of the time there are markets that are uncool, novelty, common.. The keywords, blending in..

Not long ago, as recent as last two days I joined a networking company, and in there I met lots of people from different walks of life I met a manglulupak (mashed cassava vendor), ex call center agent, college drop outs dude, factory workers, etc. In short not everybody in that business can be cool I thought.

When I attended there I introduced my self as a network engineer, well I don’t have any idea that is a little bit cool to the ear but I think it is a mistake. I told them I am real estate broker, a Forex trader, and I work for the G. For a moment I thought my profile has skyrocketed to people’s ears. In reality I am not cool. Actully the fact that I am looking for business opportunities like that is not cool at all since I am to be forced to blend in.

I realized that telling people what your day job is and your salary would make your personality be marked, profiled, or even judged. They’d give high regards to you, but in exchange they expect something big, which is a no-no for me because I don’t like pressure. Plus remember in sociology organisms with compatible traits, common interest, food source, activities bond together like flocks. So therefor if they feel that you are different they would tend to separate from you, to be not open. It is important as a moral lesson to be always down to earth I thought.

So to compensate in my part I had to become a chickadora.

People love chickadora, in lay man’s term this is your common neighbor that loves to hear or deliver gossips, etc. But in my case I made more on to become just witty in my jokes, teasy if there’s any word like that, and a plunge of stupid stuff to talk about. This I did to recover my goal of blending in. So now I got some few new Facebook friends that was brought by that attitude and I am happy I did just that…

The Rich Part

I guess somebody that sells directly even if it’s recruiting or products has to be uncool if it has to be. This we need as sellers in order to ‘talk’ more with the clients and get their trust because we are not the elitists, we are approachable!

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