Incident Report, Notice to Explain, and Sanction Explained!

Have you had any issuance of IR, NTE, and Sanction at work? Well you are maybe an excellent person if you never had one.

Incident report is the report of incident by itself that talks about what happened during the incident time. This document contains all the information relating to the incidence with much emphasis of the root cause, process gaps, and involved individuals.

Notice to explain is the document that would include your explanation about the incident that happened relating much on what you did, and how did you respond. Basically this document should be neutral contrary to the popular belief that you should defend your self. If your goal is to save the company be honest, but if your goal is to save your ass be defensive and spread out all the counter evidences and all defense mechanics and resources you can muster.

Sanction is your punishment for being guilty in the matter in question. It could be just a bad record that would also prohibit your promotion or recomendation, or suspension from work from one day or two.

Today my boss talked about these stuff to me because the client thought I had a deliberate miss on my end and I need a retribution. Our local management according to my boss is reluctant as it seems because it appears it is really not my fault┬ábut for the sake of the satisfaction of the client I had to be punished. Obviously to issue an NTE to an employee could destroy your employee-management relationship and could promote demorality. But he told me that they are doing it because it has to be done. I, for my self felt the chill, I never realized that I had to go through this in this company. I really thought that I am a change man, that the harmony in this place could last forever and I can stay forever (charot!). But no, there is no forever. Even though the local management thought I shouldn’t be punished in my own accord I could not really trust anyone. For all I know, the local management could throw me out if they can’t make the client sign a renewal, that’s the sad truth here without bitterness.

So for all of you folks out there try to balanced things out. If I were you I won’t dedicate my whole life at work because we were never born to work.┬áThere are times that some people would let you down but the important thing is how you will respond, how you will handle the setback. After all you’re still you and no matter what they do they don’t own you, life has many choices and if your ultimate goal is happiness then choose to be happy. Peace!

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