Joining a Networking Business? My Abstract Thought.

Last Thursday we were invited to a business meeting my aunt’s girl friend. It was a deception at first that we’re gonna drink up at a comedy bar and have some fun but when we arrived at the venue we were escorted somewhere else and were greeted by a couple of people, college guys and girls. Due to tiredness even before we went out from my apartment with my aunt, I didn’t complain because somehow deep in my mind I wanted to some kind of business or any other extra income.

So we were shown to their office and actually I forgot the name of the company but they have this DTI/BIR registration certificates and a big tarpaulin of awardees that seems legit. Then we (me and my aunt) were brought to the table where a girl explained stuff. She started off with the four quadrant of income, I knew this a bit since I love to watch financial education stuff at YouTube but then still the discussion is invaluable, in the premise that it reminded me of my original mission in life (when I left home to go independent — to become rich).

  • Employee – Stable income but fix, the room for expansion to becoming rich is little unless you are a Magna Cum Laude of a very reputable school you’ll land in a job that is toxic and demanding. Motto here is you live to work everyday!
  • Self-employed – Unstable income but big amount sometimes, you can go to work whenever you want and sleep during siesta. Motto here is no work no pay.
  • Investment – Accumulates everytime you are not withdrawing your money from a trust fund or a time deposit, you can also invest to stock or Forex but has risk.
  • Business – Good thing that finally you get to be the boss but you manage stuff like employees, inventories, etc. You can have all day in you life like you can finally live and play tennis every afternoon but then this requires wit.

All of these stuff have impacted me for the sudden moment that it was discussed to me and my auntie, I realized that I needed to move away from being an employee so I can live my life. I remember all I ever wanted was to sleep during afternoon, play tennis when I wake up, eat dinner with friends and during mornings when nobody bothers me, I work by business.

This networking company has products too, I knew this is used for the continuity plan of the business and portfolio. They sell Glutathione, coffee, lotion, some soap, etc. that somehow I can use but mostly it’s Glutathione.

We will be put under and up line where we’re gonna work out of recruiting some people and have their pay and the catch here is that I can get the ROI via their products so therefore I can rest and continue to help them recruit more because in their up line they have no choice but to put some people under me and my aunt. The only issue here is the positioning that I should have had grabbed immediately. The earlier I arrived at the chain, the better I get to have people under me who would pay and then I get a commission. For almost nothing to do I get a cut from their joining fees and it’s cool I guess. I just have to attend their meetings and marketing seminars. They have this variation:

  • 4,500 – Trial pack
  • 9,000 – Beginning
  • 13,500 – Standard
  • 30,000 – Advanced
  • 65,000 – Pro
  • 113,000 – Elite

I couldn’t remember the exact amount and name but it goes like that. I thought I would like to get that Pro pack at first since if I can cash out 80k for Learn to Trade then I can do it here but then I realized I regret shelling out that amount where I could have had an independent trade and perhaps I though Learn to Trade is a fad. But hey they told me that I still can get the same commission as the elite even if I get the Trial at first, just a little variation about the other incentive I think.

Any way to conclude I decided to join by getting the Trial then little by little I will upgrade my account, getting money from the networking company’s profit of course until it self regulates and hopefully I get to be rich someday…

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