My Deepest Why

In my search of a profitable businesses I attended seminars and quite a few times I was asked what is my deepest why? Deepest why refers to the very, no ultimate reason why would you do business, why would you endure long hours to work things out to achieve a goal, and why would you succeed in doing so. Some says that their deepest why’s are their family, children, etc., doing things to support them holistically.


I was asked this question and I choked a little not knowing any immediate answer like hey this is my first time hearing this one. But honestly in my part it wasn’t family because I had a bad childhood, my parents abandoned me and let me lived under the roof of their siblings whom had not well taken care of me so they can’t expect that much love from me =) So it had to think of any other deepest why so I could establish to get me working and concentrating on winning any business.

Initially I thought of things that pains me in my day job like stress, tiredness, sleepiness, boredom, stagnant career, time constraint and most of all since I just have little rest, not that much energy to think creatively. So somehow I thought what about the deepest why of quitting my day job to be able to sleep whenever I want? Yup, it was shallow but it was indeed a big help to me. With lots of sleep, I am creative, I am energized, in short I am powerful in my own means. Plus I get to be less aging since I don’t have to travel on roads full of smoke from cars and drink coffee everyday because I had to.

Another deepest why I thought would be good is to be able to play tennis everyday. Shallow again but hey I love tennis so much, I have friends, and the competition is great, plus it’s a passive workout for health reasons. Though this is good, I realized this is not deep enough to get me going and succeeding businesses. I knew that I needed something that would make the fire in me very very fiery and it is not sleep nor tennis.

Shared this sentiments in social media…

So I posted this on my Facebook wall to get people’s opinion, and one my teachers’ responded telling me maybe I am having an OK life that is why I feel OK and doesn’t need further more OK stuff or reason for anything else. I must say he is right, perhaps the reason why stopped dreaming was because when I was just living in my parent’s house way way back my dream was just to get out and live on my own. I really felt OK after getting out as now I can do whatever I want and go wherever my feet takes me. Maybe it is OK today because I am out of my mother’s watch where I had no longer any obligation to go home on time, be accountable for my school works and grades, and I have my own money now. But I am no longer a college student, I must move on.

My teacher also mentioned that I should dream bigger but I don’t dream anymore I guess. During college I am in live with the idea of having my own condo pod and sleep like a baby, now I don’t care much about that anymore since after I lived on apartments after apartments I thought I have been living in condo too, much less but still good.

Then my teacher hoped that I could find my provision, passion, and purpose. Provision is the supply, passion is what I love to do, and purpose is what I meant to become. Ok let’s start with the later, if my purpose is to be a CIO (my dream) or to be a tycoon (biggest dream) isn’t this is a compelling reason for the deepest but also highest why? Then if my passion is tennis and doing things I like isn’t this a good reason to fall for deepest why slot too? Last is the provision that would follow after I find my passion and purposed.


Considering that my purpose is to become a CIO or a business tycoon 😀 and my passion is tennis or doing things I like or just sleeping around, adding my IT background as a provision to what I know and real estate and some more if needed; And also considering the reality in this world… My deepest why would be:

I will become successful at ditching my day job to create a business company!


  • I could be a CIO and a businessman at the same time.
  • Play tennis as my time become so flexible
  • Sleep if I wanted to since I am the boss 🙂
  • Generate ideas as I become more energetic and creative due to the lack of stress, time constraint, and tiredness!

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