MyPuhunan: The Most Sensible TV Show of Today

Ever wonder why a lot of kabataan (youth) today thinks more about their forever (dream partner) than any more important matters in life like business and education? Guess what, that is because of Kathniel, Jadine, Lizquen love teams! Honestly when I was in grade school and high school all I cared about is how to become a Super Saiyan, nope I just copied that one from facebook memes. But kidding aside media, promoting more and more of love teams and making it look like it’s ok to be in loved and forget becoming a successful career person has affected the youth of today. I thought if these love birds can somehow fuse their affection showcasing study first, business mindedness, peace, or love for our country then we could feel fine for what the next generation will do.

Taking forever aside, MyPuhunan I think is the most sensible show of the modern times. I say this because I have met a lot of people that wanted to be rich like me and be successful in life but we are tied up to poverty because we were never taught business or trained to be managers (as they say in Ateneo). MyPuhunan teaches and showcases successful people elaborating when and how did they start their business, their humble beginnings, struggles, the determination they had, and the perseverance.

The moral lessons one could get from the show I believe is golden! Imagine from simple mixtures to prepare a ham and your mastery on making it, you can earn a hundred peso or two that also multiplies how many you can make per day? The math is simple but the process by which these businessmen and women gone through and their success story is complex and priceless.

Last night they featured the Christmas decor making business of Jo Santos. Imagine that these santas are just made of papers and can be sold for P350? Thrift in the plain view but tubong lugaw in the business minded world.

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