How Networking / Pyramiding Earns Profit

It has been a while since I attended that much of seminars about networking concelead into ‘gimik’, ‘coffee’, etc. I have visited Royale, Usana, Uno, TFD, and lately GPI (Global Prime Innovation Inc.). With all the thoughts of earning money just from joining and obtaining their health (mostly) products it had kept me wondering how are they really getting as much money as what they are talking about. One thing for sure there is money in this business but how?

It took me a little while when I just resigned from my earliest job and got invited into a meeting (Royale). They have these products that you can sell, people that you can recruit, etc. But lately with some researching I finally got it. With the help of pyramiding scam that went out on news I realized that networking earns basically and essentially by recruiting people. How evil I thought, this is like laway lang ang puhunan (saliva it is 🙂 and you get to get their money and have it reoccure on the next hierarchy and then again and again until everybody is part of the network.

Now the question is, what brands a networking company? Because if you are just gonna recruit endlessly, how it will become known to a lot of people, scalability? The products. In my amateurs’ point of view the soap, lotions, Glutathione that they sell are the carriers of the networking company’s name. Member are forced to buy these products because it is part of the joining package. So the products are sold unconditionally granting somebody joins, tricky isn’t?

But the underlying principle of these strategy is its marketing. Ralational marketing it is as what I learned from Chinkee Tan, where you teach people about the product, conduct seminar, and then if they wanted they can join the business. Not only you close the deal, but you got a new investor! Clever, some would say “you are nor forced” but “you wanted to” then blah blah 🙂

At the end of the day, stripping everything that networking had in their portfolio at the base level it is recruiting people that powers this business, MLM is its structure. Personally I never tried to join one though I attend lots of it meeting, hopefull when I get to join GPI (Global Prime Innovation Inc.) tomorrow I will be in luck to earn a lot. Amen!

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