Now is the Best Time to Buy Firecrackers!

Disclaimer: I do not encourage the use of firecrackers as it is a hazard to health and safety. This article is for information purposes only, please be guided accordingly.

Last night I was watching the news and it’s almost New Year at December 29, nobody’s buying firecrackers. I saw that there are entrepreneurs who invested as much as P 500,000 to this pyro-craziness and are very hopeful to sell their items for profit. With the government’s warning not to buy firecrackers the industry has fallen nearing its brink of existence. TV ads has shown very graphic stories about firecracker victims and its longganisa style wounds and more.

And so as the demands gets low and the supply gets high the price of the items gets cheap thus increasing the value for the consumers. For about half the price you can get a full-priced item from last year’s comparison. However the resale value could be near to zero as the industry is about to phase out next year and people are now scared because of its hazard so be careful.

For example, Sinturon ni Hudas from P 1,500 to 750!

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