Paying Debts and Setting Your Mind Free

My learn to trade mentor told me that life begins outside of your comfortable zone when he told me to get a capital through a loan, meaning another debt aside from my unpaid credit card bills.

Well in my case, every time I am seeing my payslip at work all I think is when can I pay my credit card bills, when will I withdraw my money to do so, when can I complete all the charge so I don’t get penalty for late pays, etc. In short, I am bothered by my credit card enough that all I think about is working to pay it (yes the rat race). This has put me into an isolation I lately realized that while I am enjoying shopping online for everything I want, at the end of the month I still get to pay something; And while I enjoy paying late or forgetting to withdraw from ATM’s I know for sure a finance charge or another big bang is waiting in the corner to happen.

So today I paid another 30k of my debt to which when I was lining up at the teller and counting the money I was a bit in remorse, because you know if I hadn’t availed some precious Conversed sneakers x3 in which I am not using actually I would end up enjoying the money on hand. But that is ok, I thought I had to [ay my debts. I think the moral lesson here is that maybe I should be in control, thanks to my new job that provided some pay incentives and profit sharing I am able to cut some cost I am somehow not wanted.

Then my 91k debts was paid by 80k by now, and it made me reminisced what did I do to that big chunk of money, now return whatsoever. Perhaps if I am more cautious I could have had funded my dollar account. Anyway back to reality somehow I felt the cool breeze of freedom, Sa wakas 11k na lang! This 11k is very manageable somehow plus I got to buy some polos when I went to Market Market but it’s ok because it was on sale! And I only buy stuff on sale specially apparels and and polos 😀

As of now while writing this article, I can feel the bright side of life. Just what I have always said to my self I can be rich but first I have to be free.. free from debts, free from the rat race. And the first step was to pay my debts, my credi card. If a person is free he can become creative because you have no worries. Perhaps, I can begin thinking of new venture like a small business for sure after I paid that 11k.

Nonetheless credit card is very convenient way, and it’s not that credit cards’ fault if one can’t manage his finances. I think it’s more about taking responsible reactions to temptation and change in lifestyle. Like the one previous things Chinkee Tan said, if I won’t change my lifestyle then I can’t go out of debt. Thanks to God I can do this and by His name, I pray I shall be free from debt forever, amen.

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