The Six Digit Salary Target

Year 2014 when I realized that I wanted to become an earner of six digit salary. I thought of ways on how to do this but come up with even more creative ideas like doing business that turned out to be brokerage, or owning and managing a computer shop which I ditched as time is constraint is present. Today while it pained me to comply with NTE (notice to explain) in the office, I have realized I have been complacent. Being complacent is like you are proud and contented to what you have right now. I forgot what I felt like when I was just dreaming, that I realized in this present job where I am earning double before I am relax again.

Basically the idea came in mind after conversations with my Tennis friends. These friends have their own condos, cars, iPhone, etc. that I cannot afford or I can but would cost me my fortune. I learned ROHQ from them where people earning above 80K would have tax cut of 15% only in lieu of 32%. I must admit, I hate tax. Paying 25K to the government of the Philippines is a waste I mean if the president is still Noy Noy Aquino who literally done nothing to enrich the Filipino lives. But taking politics aside, whoever the president is that big amount is not just worth it.

Anyway here is the list of things I thought would be viable to get a hundred thousand salary:

  1. Certification – Get the highest paying certification in the market, obtain it, make labs at home, post at website as portfolio, then apply. Rarity also comes together with high demand, low supply = high value!
  2. Six Sigma – This one is a sure ball however in order to shoot this opportunity one must be certified green belt or black and has done lots of projects as portfolio. Always think that there should be something to back your knowledge. If these are memories then photos or videos, but for skills that is portfolio.
  3. Become a Manager – This is a ladder, before you can be hired most of the employers would be looking for people who had positions as assistant managers or if this is a technical management at least being able to handle a group of people. If this is to be achieved one must aim the skill set needed to become one. For example I searched in Jobstreet that employers are looking for Information Security Managers with experience in information security obviously and the good part, this can be treated like item #1.

I do not really want to leave my current job. My job have lots of perks compared to others like being able to walk from home vice versa not minding the ridiculous EDSA traffic in my life, eat free breakfast, lunch, merienda, and dinner for free. Shower in the office that I can use conveniently, good salary with some performance bonus, flexible schedule, cool boss, the alone environment (because I am an ambivert turning introvert) where I am alone at my shift most of the time, and the most important of all the Internet access that I never had with any other companies ever!

But as I signed my company memo today I was reminded of why am I feeling too comfy again in this company. As they say #WalangForever (Nothing is Forever) so aside from reaching my target two years ago, I would hit two birds at the same time (would include new company). So good luck!

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