The Business Minded of Me was Born

Hi there folks. The creation of this blog was due to my persisting itch in my head to push through creating business ideas for my self and for sharing. I have been fascinated about stuff that can make money when I was able to read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. I thought maybe someday I could make money by exchanging something, barter in the old days.

Well I have been bothered that in our country we were born and raised to become employees. I have never known a culture of businessmen and women in their early years except if you’re Chinese living in Manila. My mother used to be a businesswoman selling wholesale rice in the Munoz market during my childhood but I never had a feel of that because it got bankrupt before i grew up. My mother refused to rise after this business loss and for that I saw a lot of opportunity gone to waste. She had mastered that craft only to quit after a setback.

Last three months or four I attended one of the MLS summit in out real estate brokerage group (yes I am a broker now) and a speaker has lifted my spirit on trying stuff to earn money in business. Mr. Kong told us to get into that business you like, immerse with it, master it, and then so with enough perseverance we can success afterward. One speaker whom i forgot the name inspired me to search for a goal for my life, then he told us if you want success just do the first step and the rest will follow. At that then I turn my head while I was eating my lunch to check the speaker and murmured “OK”.

So then I searched for a money making type of activities that would let me earn some. I realized since I gave work then I am so limited at where I can go, how much time it will take, how much effort I can exert, and how much money I can capitalized. Then I came up with some promising stuff that I would like to share in this blog.

This blog is a reflection of my business minded side. I am a person who would often go to a cheap store and buy quality stuff that both functional and durable rather than fancy the expensive counterpart. Even though I am gastador I like to save money by maximizing the value that I will get when I purchase something. Likewise, int the sunniness I am also still a newbie exploring the possibilities.

So let’s make the most out of this opportunity to generate ideas and turn it into profitable. So then we can live a happy and worry less life. Financial freedom ika nga.

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