Thinking of How to Make Money While in the Office

Have you ever wonder how can you make money while in the office? Well I am one for sure, and today I thought of that after eating Tilapia in the pantry.

I thought Tilapia is a good earning type of business considering that the food to feed this fish is cheap and they grow large and fast like chickens. But I live in the city (BGC) where this is somehow not possible because it needs a pond. Nevertheless my original career should have been an agriculturist actually aside form IT so if I wasn’t into it I could have been a farmer or engaged in agribusiness. I remember my debate with a friend long time when I was working in one of my first technical jobs, I said that this country we live in is an agriculture country and like China that uses its man power, US that invested in technology, Thailand with sex workers, Colombia with gambling, etc. I thought Philippines shouldn’t be focused more on call centers but more of the natural resources for which it is rich.

Next I thought if I cannot cultivate Tilapia in the city what is a good income generating mechanism I should come across? Well I browsed through a blog called Pinoy Negosyo and read an article about earning in business without capital. They were discussing stuff when a man have stated some dissatisfaction in life. Concerning his kids when they grow up (5 years old in the current scenario), the question pose a challenge on how he can increase his income? Is it to work abroad. But working abroad could be futile if money management is poor. Anyway the bottom line is loan. Instead of your office mates getting loans from the banks and bank getting the profit from interest why not you, yes you don’t get that opportunity that banks does? Considering a compound interest of 8%, the assumption is that you could earn 0.25 million in 2 years with the calculation based on that blog. Anyway I felt that this is a good ideas thus..

I contacted my old friend whom also my former colleague to signify my interest in Bit Coins. He just got married today (but I wasn’t invited) what a coincidence. He told me the benefits of Bit Coin investing and according to him he does earn more by referral like MLM contrary to what was discussed in this video. I actually thought that I could surpassed that 8% loan interest by zapping the opportunity with Bit Coins but according to him, rules has changed. So I will investigate more about that because in the video you rule the economy by being like banks and I need to know how to earn Bit Coins somehow.

Last but not the least, after some thinking, I realized if I will go for compound interest then I have also the opportunity to increase my earning potential by putting additional funds right? I ended up with JobStreet 🙂


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