Whack Your Boss Game Made My Day

I was rereading my notice to explain (NTE) paper when I came across a word called whack. I am supposed to use that word in a sentence and modify my paper but then I did not exactly know its definition (my mind works that way). So when I searched it, Google (very ironic because I work at the G) suggested a suffix whack your boss. So after getting the definition of whack I proceeded to check out what ‘whack your boss’ is.

But before I give my reaction, I just want you all guys to know that my current local boss is cool and very compassionate. I didn’t like my US boss though but it doesn’t mean that I hate him that I would do such violent things featured in this game to him. I am not violent, I just love the humor 😀

You can play the game at http://www.silvergames.com/whack-your-boss

When I opened the Flash game (it reminded me of ClipArt, the game site I used to visit during college) it introduced a scenario in which a boss approached an employee to give some bad feedback and lists all things you did wrong, demerits, salary cut, etc. Which antagonizes the usual the boss, a bad boss. Then you got to choose your weapon of destruction to whack your boss, that’s it!

What I love about this game is creativity and satisfaction. We hate people who oppress us too much even though we do our job in good faith. The way the graphic was presented is a simple but very graphic and bloody –Warning!

Bonus: The pause button was so funny, it doubles as the panic button just in case you open up this game at work and then a boss comes by 😀

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