Working At Home Online Income, Etc.

I have been thinking about a lot of stuff later and these are the things I told a friend of mine after a tennis match. I told him that I had lots of things that I wanna venture out mostly doable via online. However he has this MLM (Multi Level Marketing) thing that he wanna pushes to me and gladly I refused though I am gonna bite into it sometime when a clearer sky of business show upon me.

  1. Brokerage – Being a real estate broker is a two-edge sword. Because being a successful broker with many sales and brokerage transaction, one has to devote most of his time into working this career out. Like collecting projects to be sold and looking for buyers to purchase it. It is actually a tiring job that needs a lot of patience, perseverance, and time. In my situation currently I a network engineer who actually lack the whole capability of this career as I continue to work as being a — network engineer. I thought I could do this full time after I quit my job. But the fun thing is that I can always do sales in the internet, I can always post stuff about the latest project and entice the consumers to get a home for themselves. Theoretically this is a one time big time type of career one can get but of course — perseverance I need you!
  2. Amazon Affiliate Marketing – This one theoretically is one of my admired strategies that I never did for the rest of my life even though I know for my self that I like giving comments about the stuff I buy and I also love shopping, and reads a lot of feedback. Therefore I know how to sort out useful reviews and un-boxing before buying a new phone and so I would also know theoretically how to market them (in reverse). In our country the version we have here close to Amazon is Lazada and Zalora, they also have marketing affiliate that I would like to get into. This is a plus if like shopping like me!
  3. Forex Trading – This one is sort of tough. I read a lot of reviews about this career and I was amazed how they lived their life. Dream not, this career is a do or die sort type of income. In the reviews I read that one can lose their account in an instant, so thus if you are a gambler, you would be walking out of casino to go home in an instant. I watched some videos of it, it looks easy I just hope that when I gotta do it is really easy. They also said that skills matter in this trade, prediction and trend settings needs to be assumed. In my search of the incredible I enrolled to an institution that would give the edge to overcome these risk attributed to this line, they say that I cannot lose, even if I don’t gain, in business that is very important. Plus this is an internet only type of job that I can do in my free time so I can sleep all day, watch my favorite TV shows then trade. I like that life!
  4. Bit Coin – A friend of mine has introduced me to Bit Coin and its possibilities in this world. I was encourage to join their group so I could also earn like them. I was so reluctant at first but then after the series of events in my life leading to my hunger for sleep and rest at home. I thought I could bite to this passive income. The mechanics is simple, buy Bit Coin and lend them for a 30% interest, isn’t that simple? I felt so naive after hearing that unbelievable stuff this year only. Bit Coin has been around for lots of years and yet I am just a starting rat today. This is great for passive income, I heard one of my colleague is a millionaire now. Until I can join this league, I can never say for certain how plausible this opportunity would be.
  5. Blogging and Ad Sense – How regretful I am that I didn’t put Ad Sense to its full potential during my college days. As I heard the potential of a website to be mostly visited lies also on how long that website was online. I wasted a lot of time in playing Ragnarok and DotA during my college years not realizing that there is something that needs to be done. Not mentioning that our household was a hell kinda noisy (due to my mother) maybe that is the reason I never really had that concentration BTW. Anyway, the more content I put in blog and the more views and clicks to Ad Sense inside my blog, the more earning I can get from it. Unfortunately I was declined to be approved last two months but that is ok, I will just have to put entries until I can create a quality website. It was a ridiculous idea at first but I realize the only way for me to put lots of stuff is to create the stories inside my mind. My mind is a rolling coaster of ideas, it is just a matter of whether I put it online or not depends on the moody me!

Well that all for online income ideas from me now folks. Actually I will make these stuff a reality and would be sharing more on the next coming days. My ultimate goal in life is happiness and the main component to be happy is money so more money more happy 🙂

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