How Not to be Poor?

Coming to office late and doing nothing but browse stuff is nothing sort of productive, but when I opened YouTube a blast of Chinkee Tan’s video shone through me and that is 5 Things To Avoid Becoming Poor. So I am posting this to share the pointers and the things I can really relate to it in my life, in short my insights:

  1. There is no such thing as overnight success – It’s true, success does not come overnight but I must be guilty to think that if I won in the lottery that is an instant success or if I sold a multimillionaire property then I will become a millionaire overnight. However this didn’t happen to me so I thought I must be poor. In order to get out of being poor, I realized I kinda need to create opportunities and gather cumulative small successes, that would create and overall big success.
  2. Someone else can do the success for me – Well I have a friend who has a business of a small computer shop, she told me that when her bantay does the keeping she gets small profit for that day but when she takes over profit blooms. I have always thought that being a senior network engineer would put me up to become a team leader but then I realized that if I don’t act like one, if I don’t take initiative, if I don’t impress my boss then my boss would not choose me at all!
  3. Some else made me had a miserable life – I am very well guilty of this because I always blame my dad for being not a good provider and my mom for always scolding me and hitting me when I was a child. I always told myself kaya wala akong confidence eh! But the truth is I should have had overcome this, because you cannot blame them forever. Besides, blaming the pass and not moving one would always stress you out. If I ended up being a beggar, what good blaming would give to me? Nothing so I guess regardless if my life had became miserable or not (but it was!) I should move on and stop blaming my parents for everything. I thought my parents are not me, they don’t think like me and like me they could have had experimented with their life that ended its effect on me. Oh well!
  4. Self centered – Thinking only your welfare, your self would make you friendless as nobody would want to befriend a self-centered person. I remembered the rich man in Train to Busan movie in which he cared only for himself long enough to live the zombie apocalypse but in the end he was bitten and turned into one. Poor guy indeed.
  5. Believe that you’re gonna be poor – Yes with less ambition in life would not let you escape being poor but if you think you can be rich, do things that would make your rich, change your lifestyle to become rich, then you can become rich someday. If what you eat is you, what you think is you also because you embody things you think, that you eventually do, make habit with, and live in. In my case I tried it last year and hoping I could do better this year. I did pass the real estate broker license exam and started selling projects, attended the learn to trade to start trading forex… In the end I can say to my self, may ginawa ako, ginawan ko ng paraan 🙂

I am guilty with items 1 and 3, it’s an eye opener for me not because I didn’t know it but because somebody has confirmed it. So thanks to these people who bothers to create videos to inspire and incite self reflection. I hope I could be able to watch more, learn more, apply it, then ultimately become rich or very rich. Peace!

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