Just a Simple Memo and I Wanna Quit My Job? I “kennat”.

I remember way way back when my supervisor told me that I got a bad feedback from a customer to whom I talked with over the phone, he sends me a memo and proceeded with its perusal but actually I never said anything bad about the customer it is just that maybe I was misinterpreted but ok the point is, it is somewhat unconformable to receive memos.

I was in denial at first because I am receiving some punishment that I thought I don’t deserve as I will be stripped off of my bonus incentives, promotions, lateral transfer, etc. But then I realized what am I really clamoring about to my mind? After the issues incident report and its notice to explain do I really think that I will wish to stay now that I know the management is ridiculous? No. So I guess it is just a reaction to bad perception about my dreams in that present company crumbling into dust while I planned for everything since the beginning. And then I would start to think of ways to relieve my self of this pain. I thought why not quit, look for another job and start all over again? Sounds cool and clean — This is what I did in my younger years.

Today my boss issued notice to explain document to me for the reason that I neglect to answer a chat conversation. I know it sounds simple and I am very expendable but is me if the account is gonna pull out because of me? A powerful dark force I guess. The point is, I was hurt again like when I was younger, I felt sad and wanted to quit until the brightest idea came to me and this is how I am handling this kind of issues now.

So OK, I received a memo and naturally if that proceeds to sanction I will be devoid of promotions, incentive, etc. In short I will be demotivated. It is always our utmost duty to pursue happiness (that is why there’s money) but if I stay and remained heartbroken then I will be hurting my self more. This matter of emotional aspect is kind of bothersome because at the end of the day my emotions wouldn’t be able to pay my bills. So I came up to my senses and ask my self what is more important to me, to be happy or happier?

If I choose to be happy the I should quit my job and look for a new one but if I wanted to be happier I would stay, earn more, get my incentives (should I got acquitted), and 13th month pay, exit eventually after getting the necessary certifications and voila, a new beginning with less regrets. I have been in this scenario some times and the very thing I never had was to get certified first to any IT endeavor, as a result I get the same salary range and never go up. This old thing should never happen again if I truly wanted to be happier. I should stay I believe to go with the flow and concentrate more.

In fact this negative driving force can be used against the management as I take my time to take off in the future. The management would consider your take to stay in the company while you painstakingly awaits the independence day. Not bad in the end I think.

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